Sunday, September 27, 2009

Nationals, Watch Out for HaRD Knocks!

We're going to nationals! Houston's HaRD Knocks beat out Dallas today 113 to 101 and secured a spot in Philly for the WFTDA National Tournament. This is huge for Houston, and we are so proud of our travel team!

Join us for a congratulatory celebration Monday September 28th at Montrose Skate Shop (3202 White Oak Dr ) at 7pm. We will welcome back our girls, bring signs and cheer the Travel Team as we parade them up and down 6th Street. Come on out and show our ladies some love!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Semi-Finals Starting...NOW!

Derby News Network is broadcasting the semi-final bout between the Houston HaRD Knocks and Kansas City Rollergirls starting in just a moment (5pm CST). We need to win one more game to make it to Nationals. If we win here, we fight for the top spot or the second spot. If we lose to Kansas, we can still beat a team tomorrow, coming in third and making it to Nationals. This has been a long, hard-fought season, and HRD needs your support. Go watch now!

Friday, September 25, 2009

HaRD Knocks Advances!

Houston's HaRD Knocks beat No Coast (Nebraska) today 183-45. Congrats, guys! Our travel team now advances to the semi-finals and will be playing tomorrow. Please keep checking in or on Derby News Network for updates and live coverage of the bouts!

Houston v. No Coast

Right this very second, Houston's HaRD Knocks is beating No Coast 94-14 in the Southern Fried Smackdown. It's half-time as I write, but if you want to watch the rest of the bout, click here. Keep checking this weekend for more live bout casts.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Updates and Whip It Tomorrow!

It's officially the off-season for Houston Roller Derby's home teams, but there is still a lot going on! Our own travel team, the Houston HaRD Knocks will be playing this weekend in the Southern Fried Smackdown in Atlanta, hoping to secure a place in the national championship. I'll try to link to live feeds on the Derby News Network this weekend. We also have some fundraisers and an exhibition game coming up, plus three more tryout dates before next season. See? We're actually busy.

But the big news for the moment is that Drew Barrymore's movie Whip It comes out soon and very soon! If you have not heard the buzz about this movie, it stars Ellen Page as a Texas gal who finds her way into roller derby. If you can't wait until the movie officially opens, there are a few sneak peaks coming up, the first of which is TOMORROW, September 24, at the Edwards Grand Palace in Houston. The screening starts at 7:30, and if you want to get in, email recruitment at houstonrollerderby dot com for free passes. You'll want to be early also.

Please email if you want passes, and keep checking in for live feeds of the Southern Fried Smackdown and info on our other upcoming events!
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