Thursday, October 25, 2012

New Drafts and Retirees

Houston Roller Derby would like to congratulate our most recently drafted skaters to their new teams! 
Last night, 11 fresh meat skaters were drafted to one of our four home teams. Please help us welcome them as the newest members of our league. We can't wait to show them off to all of our fans next season!

Newly Drafted Skaters
The Valkyries:
The Branimal
Dallas Scars
Selph Destruction

The Bayou City Bosses:
Jenetic Defect

The Brawlers:
Candy Codeine
Rabid Monkey

The Psych Ward Sirens:
Muhammad Holly
Eenie Meanie

Congratulations ladies! Welcome.

Unfortunately, with new drafts, we also have to say good bye to those who will be retiring after 2012. We'll miss the following HRD members next season:

Retiring Skaters

   Captain Crunch      Dirty Diana         Kiki Mojo

  Raven Knockahoe        Wicked Sweet         Bazinga

      Blue J            Chicken (Coach)       Mikey Hates It

   Rachael Rayge      Dr. Shocktapus

The Valkyries:
Wicked Sweet
Captain Crunch
Dirty Diana

The Bayou City Bosses:
Rachel Rayge
Kiki Mojo
Chicken (Coach)

The Brawlers:
Blue J
Raven Knockahoe

The Psych Ward Sirens:
Dr. Shocktapus

Mikey Hates It

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