Monday, January 16, 2012

Our Latest 2012 Home Team Roster Updates!

Please help us welcome our newest home team skaters for our 2012 season! As of last night, all 17 of our Fresh Meat skaters were drafted to their new home teams!

New Draftees for The Psych Ward Sirens include Tie Die Pixie, Dr. Shocktapus, Maul McCartney, and Mad Milkshake.

The Bayou City Bosses welcomed new skaters including BG Smack, Bleeda Ford, and Mommy Fearest.

HRD's newest home team (currently unnamed) welcomed 10 new additions to their charter. New draftees include skaters LocoMeauxtion, Global Warman, Dirty Diana, Goddess of War, Yawanna Belize, Capt. Crunch, HotAssets, Bazinga, Hellicious, and Sam I Slam.
Joining the 10 new skaters will be HRD home team transfers Carmen Geddit (Sirens), Hot Rod Bettie (Sirens), Wicked Sweet (Sirens), Goldie Bloxx(Bosses), and Dutch Destroyer (Brawlers).

The Brawlers did not take any new drafts due to their current charter being full.

Please help us welcome and congratulate our newest additions for 2012! Come out and see your new favorite rookies play in our season opener bout March 17 at Verizon Wireless. Click here to get your tickets to our season opener bout now!

2012 charter updates for the Houston All-Stars and the Knock-Outs are currently in progress and will be announced soon.

The new team's name has been narrowed down from 270 submissions to the league's top 3. The winning name along with the team's new color will be announced before the end of January!

If you are interested in trying out for Houston Roller Derby, come out for our Spring Tryouts March 28, 29, and April 1!
For more information about our Tryouts schedule, click here!

We hope that you all are as excited as we are about 2012! Come out and see us in March!


Brian said...

Congrats to all the new league members and the veterans! Looking forward to the 2012 season!!!!!

Kiki said...

Yay for new team members and a new team! Can't wait for this season!

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