Monday, February 6, 2012

Meet HRD Mondays!

Every Monday, we'll be featuring a few of our skaters on our blog!
Meet the many faces of HRD and learn a little about who you want to cheer for in 2012!

This Monday, check out Hot Assets, Bloody Hell, and Brand-Aid!

Name Hot Assets
Number 751
Team The Valkyries, The Knockouts
Position Jammer, Blocker
Years Played 2 years banked, but this will be my rookie season on flat track
Height 5'2"
Occupation Accountant
How did you get into derby? A friend was trying out for a league, and after attending her first game, I knew I had to join. So I went to boot camps, ended up joining the league, and haven’t looked back.
How did you pick your derby name? I started off my career as a tax accountant with a focus on partnership tax. Section 751(b) of the Internal Revenue Code defines a specific type of asset with a particular tax treatment in the event of a partnership liquidation. Nickname for this group of assets: hot assets. So I might be a little bit of a nerd.
Likes Spreadsheets, data analysis, chocolate, adventure races (Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash, etc.), chocolate.
Dislikes Mud, snakes, boredom, sunburns.
Favorite thing about derby It’s the first sport that I've found that I have actually stuck with long enough to see improvements to keep me interested. And it’s given me a great source of camaraderie and friendship. And bruises. Lots of bruises.

Name Bloody Hell
Number 4311
Team The Bayou City Bosses, The Knockouts
Position Jammer / Blocker
Years Played 2
Height 5'6"
Occupation Safety Coordinator
How did you get into derby? My friend at work asked if I would like to go see a game, loved it and talked to one of the Betties and they told us to come out on Tuesdays to Rec League and so I did and the rest is they say.
How did you pick your derby name? I actually did not come up with my derby name , my office took a vote when they found out I had to pick a name and Bloody Hell received the most votes.
Likes I like football (soccer), surfing, paddle boarding, love dirt biking, Indian food, Beer, My fabulous country and spending time with my derby family.
Dislikes I do not like politics, ignorant people, and celery ...there really is not a whole lot I dislike.
Favorite thing about derby the huge circle of friends that I have made, being part of a fantastic team and the adrenaline rush!
Fun Facts Believe it or not I’m actually 1/4 Jamaican. I'm a huge Arsenal Fan. I was one of the first female Bicycle couriers in central London and at 17. I ran for Belgrave Harriers in London and qualified to run for England in the 800 meters.

Name Brand-Aid
Number 26
Team The Psych Ward Sirens (Captain), The Houston All-Stars
Position Jammer, Blocker, Pivot
Years Played 3
Height 5'8"
Occupation Project Manager
How did you get into derby? I grew up skating and first saw a flier while I was living in Austin for college. I wanted to get involved but was too much of a chicken. When I moved to Houston, I was skating with some friends at a local rink and an HRD skater told me I should try out. That was enough to push me to attend rec league a couple of times before try-outs the following month.
How did you pick your derby name? My skater name was actually given to me by my mom. As a kid I was constantly getting bumps, bruises and scrapes and any time I'd have so much as a tiny bruise I'd beg my mom for a band-aid. Since my name is actually Brandi, she decided I should be called Brand-Aid.
Likes I really enjoy music and movies. I have recently rediscovered my appreciation for running and if I had a boat, I'd be on my wakeboard every weekend.
Dislikes I absolutely HATE mayonnaise and milk.
Favorite thing about derby When I first moved to Houston, I only knew my family here so it is great to have an instant connection with so many people! I've made so many good friends in derby who will be my friends long after I've retired.
Fun Facts I like to stand on my head while in skates and I'm working on being able to do a real hand stand but so far have only attempted it in the grass.

Tune in next Monday to see our next set of featured skaters for the week!
Don't forget to get your tickets to our season opener bout March 17! Come watch the Houston All-Stars take on Assassination City from Dallas, Texas before the Psych Ward Sirens and the Bayou City Bosses go head to head. Join us this St. Patrick's day at Bayou Place Live (formerly Verizon Wireless Theater) in Downtown Houston.

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