Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tonight's Bout!

If you weren't able to make it to the bout tonight, click here to watch live and chat with Kiki Mojo!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Brawlers to Play Beaumont Team at April Bout

HOUSTON –- Houston Roller Derby is preparing an exciting follow up to its sold-out season opener with another home bout this Saturday (April 17) featuring the Spindletop Rollergirls from Beaumont, Texas.
HRD took Spindletop under its wing as an apprentice league while they work towards gaining full membership in the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association. They’ve come a long way since forming in late 2008; their 2010 season-opener bout against the Acadiana Good Times Rollers was a blow-out in Spindletop’s favor at 229 to 55.
The Beaumont league will play Houston’s Brawlers team at Saturday’s bout taking place at 7 p.m. Saturday at Kick’s Indoor Soccer and Gym, located at 611 N. Shepherd. Doors will open at 6 p.m.
Brawlers captain Miss Lead is confident that her team will win against Spindletop.
“I feel the Brawlers have been training hard enough to win this bout,” she said. “We’ll have our rookies out a lot more at this game. It’s their time to shine.”
Lead said fans won’t want to miss this game, as she plans to change the jam lineups to allow skaters to move from their usual positions into new ones.
“Fans will see skaters usually known as blockers jamming this bout,” she said.
The Brawlers are 1-0 so far this season following their nail-biting win against Houston’s Bayou City Bosses team at the season-opener bout. The scoreboard rarely showed more than a five-point spread throughout the game, keeping fans on the edges of their seats until the bout clock ran out with four points in the Brawlers’ favor.
After the Brawlers vs. Spindletop game ends on Saturday, HRD teams The Bayou City Bosses and The Psych Ward Sirens will play. The Bosses won against the Sirens in the 2009 season championship bout, but after the recruiting and training that occurred over the offseason, it’s anyone’s guess which team will come out on top this weekend. The Sirens are feeling positive after they won a blow-out 205 to 51 game against Red Stick Roller Derby at HRD’s season opener.
As a relatively new sport following its resurgence in the late 1990s, roller derby has evolved from season to season, becoming more competitive and athletic as its skaters further hone their skills and develop new strategies.
Since organizing in 2005, Houston Roller Derby has grown into a league of 50 skaters that sells more than 1,000 tickets for each bout. HRD is one of 78 member leagues that make up the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association. HRD is ranked third in the WFTDA South Central Region and was one of the top 12 teams in the nation to compete at the WFTDA national championships in November 2009.
Tickets cost $12 in advance or $15 at the door. For more information, visit, or

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Notice Anything Different?

If you happened to be in the sold-out crowd for Houston Roller Derby's opening bout, you may have noticed some changes this season. The first is the structure of the bouts. Bout nights have always been double-headers, featuring two full games. In the past, we had the first half of one game, then a short break, then the first half of the second game. An intermission would follow and then the second half of the first game, a short break and then the second half of the second game. This allowed the skaters to have a longer break between halves, but was often confusing to fans and made for a very long night.

This season, we are playing two full games consecutively--the first game plays to completion, followed by a longer intermission, and then the second game. The advantages are that this allows the fans to see two full games back to back and eliminates any confusion for new fans. This will also be a great conditioning challenge to our skaters!

The second big change relates to one of our three home teams. If you showed up sporting purple, you may have been confused to see the Brawlers skating in a lovely royal blue. For several seasons, the Brawlers have been struggling with a smaller roster and injured skaters. Under the new captain and co-captains Miss Lead and Speed-O, the Brawlers are coming on stronger than ever and have made some changes.

So why the color change? And why drop the "Burlesque" from the team's name? In no way to dishonor the team's heritage, these changes reflect the renewed seriousness of the team and reflect a new vitality. Miss Lead says that this is a team of fighters, and they want the focus to be on that aspect of the team. With some great vets like The Prosecutor and Sinister Sista and a host of new rookies, the Brawlers definitely came out swinging to defeat the 2010 champion Bayou City Bosse$!

On April 17th, you can watch the Brawlers take on Beaumont's Spindletop while the old rivalry between the Psych Ward Sirens and the Bayou City Bosse$ will heat up the track. Get your tickets at Houston Roller Derby's website and be prepared for another sellout crowd!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Nailbiting Action at Sold-Out Season Opener

Houston Roller Derby promised exciting flat-track thrills at its season opener bout, and the league delivered with an intense four-point Brawlers win against the Bayou City Bosses coupled with a blowout victory for the Psych Ward Sirens against Baton Rouge, La.'s Red Stick Roller Derby All-Stars team.

The Sirens played first for the sell-out crowd that filled Kick's Indoor Soccer and Gym on Saturday night. The team established a 26:7 lead against Red Stick by the end of the fourth jam thanks to high scoring jammers Jekyll and Heidi and Mistilla The Killa. Red Stick struggled, unable to keep top jammers Wicket Sweet, BrandAid and Mistilla from scoring for the rest of the first half, which ended at 128:19 in the home team's favor.

According to Examiner reporter Phil Arnold, Red Stick tied the Sirens in the first jam of the second half, and took a 4-2 score in the second jam with Tricky La Rouge jamming. Tricky La Rouge gained a 3-0 score in a later jam, and Zarathrustya narrowed the point deficit further with a 5-0 jam. Turbo Tyke performed the highest-scoring jam of the night for Red Stick with seven points. But the Louisiana team's efforts were not enough to close in on the Sirens' more-than 100 point lead, which grew steadily throughout the second half. The final score ended with the Sirens winning 205 to 51.

The Sirens bout included impressive jamming by rookie Wicked Sweet, who garnered 36 points for her team throughout the game against Red Stick. This season, the Sirens retained the highest number of veteran skaters in comparison to the other two Houston home teams, adding five new skaters to their team roster.

Home teams The Brawlers and The Bayou City Bosses took the track next for what would become an intensely close game that had fans of both teams on the edges of their seats. A four-point jam by Speed-O and a five-point jam by Miss Lead, both Brawlers, contributed to the team securing a 22-6 lead against the Bosses by the end of the ninth jam. The Bosses countered with an 8-0 jam by Baby Face Assassin and a 9-0 jam by Bobituary, giving the team a slim lead over the Brawlers at 27-25.

The score see-sawed yet again as high scoring from Speed-O and Miss Lead brought them the lead at 37-27. A handful of impressive jams by Bobituary and Baby Face Assassin brought points to the Bosses and none to the Brawlers, helping the Bosses scratch their way back to the top at 49:38. Brawlers jammer Tammityville Horror narrowed that lead with a nine-point jam, leaving Bosses a slim lead at 49:47 at the end of the first half.

The two teams continued to edge up on each other throughout the second half of the game, with the Bosses holding onto their lead until a 10-8 jam by The Prosecutor of The Brawlers tipped things to their favor at 64:63. As Bobituary of the Bosses and Miss Lead of the Brawlers traded high-scoring jams, the teams tied at 77:77 by the end of the 12th jam. A 4-0 jam by Speed-O gave a momentary lead to the Brawlers, only to be erased by Bosses jammer Beverly Kills' subsequent 9-3 jam, leaving the teams tied yet again at 90 points each. In the following three jams, the Brawlers climbed their way to a 95:91 lead.

With only eight seconds left in the bout, Bosses Captain Rebel Ann called a timeout to ensure one more jam. Beverly Kills and Speed-O lined up against each other. As Bosses jammer Beverly Kills was sent to the box for a major penalty, Speed-O achieved lead jammer status for the Brawlers following a difficult first pass through the pack, and ended the jam without scoring in order to maintain her team's four-point lead and win at 95:91.

In addition to providing some close-scoring flat track derby intensity, the home team bout also provided a surprise when rookie Bosses jammer Cynder Hell Yeah got lead jammer status in opposition to veteran jammer and crowd favorite Speed-O. Speed-O overtook Cynder during their first lap out of the pack, prompting her to call the jam off before either could score any points. Cynder is one of seven rookie skaters to be added to the Bosses this season. The Brawlers have six new skaters on their team roster.

Friday, March 19, 2010

HRD Featured on CW39 5 p.m. News


Online ticket sales are now closed. Buy your tickets at Kick's Indoor Soccer and Gym, located at 611 N. Shepherd Drive in The Heights, tomorrow! Doors open at 6 p.m.!

Bout Afterparty at Big Star Bar in the Heights

You know how the ending of “Fight Club” is so explosive, literally and figuratively, that it just makes you want more? Watching all of those skyscrapers implode while The Pixies song “Where is My Mind” wails in the background is not the kind of experience that gets you ready for a nap; you’re even more pumped than you were when Edward Norton was wiping the floor with Jared Leto’s face.

That’s what it feels like to watch the end of a Houston Roller Derby bout. You’ve watched intense, hard-hitting flat track action for the past few hours and have seen more than a handful of your favorite derby skaters peel themselves up off the floor. You can’t just swallow all that pent-up energy – not unless it’s chased by a beer, that is.

Enter: the afterparty. The season opener bout on Saturday (3/20) will be followed by hearty food, strong drinks and obligatory carousing at Big Star Bar (1005 W. 19th) in the Heights, a place that has quickly and quietly become “the place to be” among downtown Houston locals. In this story, Houston Press reporter Shea Serrano said that Big Star's vibe radiates a studiously unkempt indifference, “a logical conclusion given its decor, locale and crowd.”

What originally sold me on Big Star was this quote from a regular who was interviewed by Serrano: “We have only one rule. Don’t be a douche. We hate douche-y bars and douchiness in general. This is not a douche-y place.” Duly noted! Put down the Summer’s Eve and visit their website here.

To sweeten the pot, Houston StrEATs will also be on hand to make sure you don’t party on an empty stomach. Co-founder and chef Jason Hill, known as Big Sexy to the roller derby crowd, said the menu will include monte cristo balls with local strawberry jam, Texas frito pie and bacon-wrapped hot dogs with kim chi relish, among other delectable treats.

Chefs and co-founders Hill (formerly of Café Brasil and Gravitas), Jason Gould (also of Gravitas) and Matt Opaleski (formerly of Aries) started the company in June 2009 and are working on making StrEATs into a chef-driven food truck business to provide gourmet lunch offerings at ever-changing locales inside the loop. Until that day, they’re providing catering services to get their name out there. Food sales will be cash only. Visit their Facebook page here.

Have you bought your bout tickets yet? Tickets are still available at the advance $12 price until 5 p.m. today at

Thursday, March 18, 2010

In the News

The Houston Chronicle posted this story about the Houston Roller Derby's season opener bout today. Houston Community Newspapers' Greater Houston Weekly edition published this story earlier this week.

A reporter from The Houston Chronicle blog 29-95 is also currently working a story on many of our skaters' impressive tattoos. Look for more media coverage of HRD and the bout in the weeks to come.

HRD Goes to the Dogs

Houston Roller Derby chose Friends of Moose to be the official charity of the 2010 season opener bout. The unique nonprofit accepts donations in order to assist pet owners who cannot afford expensive emergency veterinarian examinations or treatments.

Gwen Flager founded the charity in honor of Moose, pictured at left, who was euthanized days after being diagnosed with a painful cancer that had severely damaged the blood vessels surrounding his heart.

"To arrive at this diagnosis and monitor Moose's response to emergency treatment was expensive," Flager states in the nonprofit's mission statement. "What happens to the animals whose owners don't have the money to pay for emergency consultation? What happens when the treatment becomes too expensive? I wondered what I could do to help."

Now, thanks to Flager's vision, those who cannot afford expensive veterinary treatments in the greater Houston area can get assistance from Friends of Moose.

Houston Roller Derby skaters LOVE their pets! Just to name a few, Carmen Geddit of the Pysch Ward Sirens has two adorable dachshunds named Rockett and Bullett, pictured
at right. Bobituary of the Bayou City Bosses has a cute rescue mutt named Waylon, and Sexy Sniper of the Brawlers has a handsome boxer mix named Zorro. Since we all know what it's like to fall in puppy love, we're donating a portion of the proceeds from Saturday's bout to Friends of Moose.

To donate or get more information, visit

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The American Heist Playing Season Opener Halftime

Local Houston punk band The American Heist will play a set during half time at Houston Roller Derby's season opener bout this Saturday. In a review for the Houston Press, Rocks Off blogger Craig Hlavaty described their sound as "booze-fueled Springsteen-esque street-punk" that reminds the listener of Mike Ness, Rancid and Hot Water Music. You can check out their sound yourself on their MySpace page.

Buy your bout tickets today at or from any skater! Tickets cost $12 in advance or $15 at the door.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Come Hang With Us

Wondering what your favorite derby skater has on her mind ahead of this weekend's bout? Find out tonight at Derby Tuesday, Houston Roller Derby's bout pre-party! Merchandise to wear to the bout and advance tickets will be available for purchase. Don't miss out!

Season Opener this Saturday!

(Click image to see a larger version)

The season opener bout for 2010 is this Saturday March 20. Do you have your ticket yet?

Houston Roller Derby 2010 Season Promises Thrills, Competitive Action

HOUSTON – Houston Roller Derby has been training diligently to prepare for an electrifying fifth season, which will officially start March 20 with the league’s season opener bout.
“The 2010 season is going to be exciting,” said Carmen Geddit, HaRD Knocks travel team captain and member of home team The Psych Ward Sirens. “All three home teams are working hard and there will be some amazing competition on the track.”
The Red Stick Roller Derby’s All-Stars travel team from Baton Rouge, La. will travel to Houston to play the Psych Ward Sirens at the season opener bout. Sirens Captain Mistilla the Killa said she is confident of her team’s ability to win against Red Stick.
“The Sirens roster boasts the highest number of veteran skaters that excel at all elements of the game,” she said. “This team is known for their speed, agility, and an uncanny ability to make their way through the smallest of holes in a pack.”
The bout will start at 7 p.m., with doors opening at 6 p.m. at Kick’s, 611 N. Shepherd in the Heights neighborhood of Houston and will also feature a match-up between HRD home teams The Bayou City Bosses and The Brawlers.
“The Bosses are looking forward to a new season of fun and knocking ladies on their asses,” said Bayou City Bosses Captain Rebel Ann. The Bosses were named 2009 League Champions last year after a nail-biting season-closer game against the Sirens.
After missing out on a spot in the championship competition last year, The Brawlers have undertaken some tough training during the off-season, said Miss Lead, Co-Captain.
“When training gets tough we tell our skaters ‘we’ll suffer now and we’ll live the rest of the season as winners,’” she said.
After more than 20 skaters retired at the end of the 2009 season, HRD has recruited and trained 23 talented rookies to fill its ranks.
“Unfortunately, our league did lose some seasoned vets, but we gained some amazing rookies who our fans will fall in love with,” Geddit said.
Three promising new skaters, Sexy Sniper, Dutch Destroyer and Cynder Hellyeah, were drafted to the HaRD Knocks team this season. HaRD Knocks also added returning skaters Beverly Kills and The Prosecutor, who came out of retirement this season.
Another change this season is the bout format. HRD has adjusted the scheduling so that each game will be played straight through to its completion, as opposed to alternating the first and second halves of both games. The new format will keep the adrenaline thrill at its maximum level as fans follow their favorite team’s game directly from start to finish.
There’s a lot to look forward to for the league’s fifth season. HRD has scheduled out-of-town teams to come play at every single home bout, meaning that roller derby fans will get treated to highly competitive flat-track action at every game.
“After four seasons HRD has proven to work together flawlessly for the good of the league,” said Mistilla the Killa, who is also a member of the HaRD Knocks team. “We’ve worked on teamwork and communication that produces a dense, intimidating pack, combined with aggressive, nimble jammers. History undeniably favors that HRD is an incredible matchup for any league in the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA).”
As a relatively new sport following its resurgence in the late 1990s, roller derby has evolved from season to season, becoming more competitive and athletic as its skaters further hone their skills and develop new strategies.
“It's not a T&A show on wheels,” said Corbin Cojones, the league’s head referee. “These women are real, strong, athletic, and revolutionary. It is worth people's time because they are supporting sports in the truest sense - not the sports organization, but the players themselves. It is a truly grass roots event.”
Since organizing in 2005, Houston Roller Derby has grown into a league of 50 skaters that sells more than 1,000 tickets for each bout. HRD is one of 78 member leagues that make up the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association. HRD is ranked third in the WFTDA Southwest Region and was one of the top 12 teams in the nation to compete at the WFTDA national championships in November 2009.
Tickets cost $12 in advance or $15 at the door. Visit

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Good Luck, HaRD Knocks!

This morning, Houston's own HaRD Knocks are in Austin and will compete in the Governor's Cup, a tournament to determine the best team in Texas! Tickets are sold out, unfortunately, but we'll post updates as the day goes on. HaRD Knocks faces the Dallas Derby Devils at 11:55am, so keep them in your thoughts. Updates to follow!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Tune In Right Now!

In ten minutes Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives will be airing on the Food Network featuring one of Houston Roller Derby's sponsors, the Red Lion Pub. Watch for derby girl sightings! And it's not too late to head down to the Red Lion Pub to watch!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Diners, Drive-ins, Dives, and Derby Girls

Back in June, Guy Fieri of Food Network fame dropped by Houston to shoot an episode of his show at one of HRD's sponsors, the Red Lion Pub. A group of HRD skaters had the privilege of eating some great food and being a part of the taping, which will air Monday, February 8 on the Food Network at 10pm EST. Guy Fieri and his crew were so excited about having derby girls in attendance that they repaid the favor and visited one of our travel team practices. Here are a few photos from the experience.

The Red Lion Pub will be having a viewing party in Houston on Monday at 9pm. Click here to visit their site for more information. And may I suggest the Chicken Tikki Masala and their bread pudding or chocolate cake for dessert--definitely worth a trip!

WFTDA Fan Survey!

Calling all HRD and roller derby fans out there! The Women's Flat Track Derby Association and Houston Roller Derby need your help in better targeting our audience at large. Please take a few moments to click here and fill out a survey on the WFTDA site. This will help the roller derby community at large know and meet your needs!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Friends and Family: Fan Favorites and Fresh Faces

If Sunday night's Friends and Family Exhibition Bout was any indication of what to expect from HRD this season, it's going to be a wild ride with a lot of fresh faces.

The triple header featured skaters from the Bosses, Brawlers and Sirens scattered amongst newly-added rookies into Pink, Black and White teams. While the 300 fans who flocked to the Dairy Ashford Roller Rink may have missed retired skaters like Death by Chocolate, Savage Rose, Panty Raider, Starr Doom and Nawty Dread Knocks, last season's rookies really flexed their muscles. There were explosive jams from Brandaid, Babyface Assassin, Sweet Commotion, Bobituary, Candy Codeine and, of course, Rookie of the Year Speed-O. Seasoned vets like Mistilla the Killah, Miss Lead, Becky Booty, Jekyll and Heidi, Chainsaw Chick and Rebel Ann were assets not only in hard hits and point scoring, but in helping coach the newest rookies, who were added at the tail end of 2009. This bout also marked the return from retirement of loved vets The Prosecutor and Beverly Kills.

The Black Team took two hard losses in a row: first to the Pink Team and then to the White, despite strong skating from vets Miss Lead, Jekyll and Heidi, Beverly Kills, Tex Offender, Tammityville Horror, Brandaid, Tony Smasheries and Blindside. Black Team rookies like Sexy Sniper, Blitzkrieg Bopper, Marianne Morgue, and Grrl Friday got a lot of time on the floor, literally and figuratively. In the end, Pink beat out Black 60 to 31.

The second game against the White Team was much tighter, as Black found their footing. White Team veteran blockers like Becky Booty, Sick Nick, and Creeping Beauty dished out hard hits, setting the example for rookies Kym KarSmashUin, Mary Queen of Skates, Lady Gag-Ya and Dutch Destroyer. With strong jams from Speed-O, Candy Codeine, The Prosecutor, Babyface Assassin and rookie Nightmare on Em Street, the White Team narrowly beat out Black 54 to 51.

The final match-up between the Pink and White Teams came down to the final two jams. Pink Team veterans like Sinista Sista, Copperhead, Princess Prozac, Tempestua, and Chainsaw Chick did their best to stop the White Team jammers along with help from rookies Lipstick Assassin, Alex, Bethie Mayhem and Cinder-HellYeah. Sweet Commotion and Bobituary led the way as jammers with Mistilla and Rebel Ann pulling double duty blocking and jamming. Despite a close match-up between the two teams, final jams by The Prosecutor and Speed-O for the White Team cinched the victory for White, 44 to 39.

The 2009 season saw a historic bid to WFTDA nationals, and the building of our league. The 2010 season promises the same competitive skating with new faces joining the old to bring excitement and flat-track derby action to Houston. Don't miss our season opener on March 20 at Kicks Indoor!!

To see the Houston Press write-up of the Exhibition bout along with a slide show, click HERE.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Houston Roller Derby on the News!

Tune in tomorrow to KPRC Local 2 Houston to see three Houston Roller Derby skaters. Jekyll and Heidi and Carmen Geddit from the Psych Ward Sirens and Sexy Siren from our batch of new rookies will be talking about our Friends and Family Exhibition Bout as well as all things Houston Roller Derby. The segment will air sometime after 7am tomorrow (Saturday) morning!

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

Don't forget!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Upcoming January Events

January 10th: Tryouts!!

Think you have what it takes to skate with Houston Roller Derby? Come out to the Dairy Ashford Roller Rink from 10am to 12 this Sunday. A new-girl social will follow at Big John's Ice House. For more details, please email recruitment at houstonrollerderby dot com.

January 17th: Friends and Family Scrimmage

Come get a preview of our upcoming season in this tournament-style bout at the Dairy Ashford Roller Rink at 6pm. Tickets will be $7 at the door, and feel free to BYOB!

We are closing in on our 2010 season, so grab your season tickets now!
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