Monday, January 20, 2014

2013 League Awards

2013 was an AMAZING year, and on Saturday, January 18, we had our annual Houston Roller Derby award ceremony to celebrate it. Here are the award recipients for the 2013 Season:

Thank You Awards

PR Award: Blown Apart
Contribution Award: Bill Shirley, Jessie Jams
Sponsor of the Year: Brian Trafton with Adrenaline Factory
Super Fan Award: Reggie Bibbs, Lou Congelio
Most Tickets Sold: Mommy Fearest 

Fun Awards: 

Miss Congeniality: Bullet Sucker
Purple Heart: Speedo
Hardest Hitter: Freight Train 

Fan Favorites Awards:

The Brawlers

Fan Favorite Blocker: Freight Train
Fan Favorite Jammer: Flyon Maiden
Fan Favorite Brawler: Freight Train 

The Valkyries

Fan Favorite Blocker: Goldie BloXX
Fan Favorite Jammer: The Branimal
Fan Favorite Valkyrie: Hot Assets 

Psych Ward Sirens

Fan Favorite Blocker: Jekyll & Heidi
Fan Favorite: Jammer- SyRenge
Fan Favorite Siren: Mistilla the Killa 

Bayou City Bosses

Fan Favorite Blocker: Betty Watchett
Fan Favorite Jammer: Big Bad Voodoo Dollie
Fan Favorite Boss: Betty Watchett 

HRD Knockouts

Fan Favorite Blocker: Mommy Fearest
Fan Favorite Jammer: Feisty
Fan Favorite Knockout: Mary Queen of Skates 

Houston All Stars 

Fan Favorite Blocker- Freight Train
Fan Favorite Jammer- Death by Chocolate
Fan Favorite Skater- Death by Chocolate 


Machete Betties Rec League

Best Attendance: Mystified
Most Valuable Bettie: Shaedistic 

The Brawlers Awards 

Best Teammate: Acupuncher
Best Blocker: Freight Train
Best Jammer: Flyon Maiden
MVP: Freight Train 

The Valkyries Awards 

Best Teammate: Yawanna Belize, Global Warman
Best Blocker: Goldie BloXX
Best Jammer: The Branimal
MVP: Carmen Geddit 

Psych Ward Sirens Awards

Best Teammate: Bustin Beaver
Best Blocker: Jekyll & Heidi
Best Jammer: SyRenge
MVP: Brand-Aid 

Bayou City Bosses Awards

Best Teammate: Betty Watchett, Big Bad Voodoo Dollie
Best Blocker: Betty Watchett
Best Jammer: Big Bad Voodoo Dollie
MVP: Shawshank ​ 

HRD Knockouts Awards

Best Teammate: Mary Queen of Skates
Best Blocker: Mommy Fearest
Best Jammer: Bustin Beaver
MVP: Mary Queen of Skates 

Houston All Stars Awards

Best Teammate: Lisa Lava, Hot Assets
Best Blocker: The Angie Christ
Best Jammer: Death by Chocolate
MVP: Death by Chocolate 

League Awards: 

Best NSO: Jesse Jams
Most Improved Skater: Erma Gerd
Official of the Year: Private Been Jammin'
Rookie of the Year: The Branimal
2013 Champions: The Bayou City Bosses

Congratulations to all of our 2013 award winners! Here's to another wonderful season with Houston Roller Derby - look out 2014!

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