Saturday, December 5, 2009

December Tryouts!

Have you always wanted to skate with Houston Roller Derby? Now is your chance! Houston Roller Derby has two upcoming tryout dates at the Dairy Ashford Roller Rink--Sunday, December 6 at 6:30pm and Sunday, January 10 at 10am.

We are looking for solid skaters who are ready to give their all for Houston Roller Derby, even if you don't have lots of derby-specific experience. The tryouts will last for two hours and will include skating drills, time trials, and meeting with the captains. Afterwards, there will be a new girl social with great food at Big John's Ice House at the corner of Dairy Ashford and Briar Forest, where you'll get to mix and mingle with derby girls. You must be 18 years old to try out. A list of frequently asked questions can be at the bottom of this email, and please let me know if you have any other questions!

Please RSVP to recruitment@houstonrollerderby if you will be attending the December 6 tryouts. The cost is $25, which includes the rink fees and the new girl social. You will need skates, pads (elbow, knee, and wrist) and a helmet. You may also want a mouthguard, which can be found very cheaply at Academy or Walmart. If you do not have pads, helmet, or skates, please let me know if you will need these and we will do our best to have some for you to use. PLEASE arrive around 30 minutes before the tryout time so we can have you fill out paperwork.

We would love to have you out! Again, please email me if you plan to try out on December 6, or if you have questions about tryouts or Houston Roller Derby. There will be one Recreational League tomorrow, December 1st at Dairy Ashford Roller Rink at 7:15pm if you want to get some time on skates this week. Thanks and hope to see you there!

Tryout FAQs

Who is Houston Roller Derby?

Houston Roller Derby is a diverse group of women in and around Houston who share a common love for derby. We are a member of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) and play all-female roller derby with quad skates on a flat track. Our league consists of three home teams and one travel team, which competes nationally.

What do I need to have with me to tryouts?

Please bring the $25 tryout fee, comfy athletic clothes, all the necessary equipment, and a great attitude. For equipment, you will need quad skates (not in-lines); knee, elbow, and wrist pads; a mouth guard; and a helmet. If you do not have all the necessary equipment, please let us know ahead of time. You may be able to rent rink skates and borrow pads or helmets if there are enough.

What is the minimum age to try out? What is the maximum age?

You must be 18 years old to join Houston Roller Derby. There is no maximum age.

If I make the league, what will the requirements be?

You will be required to make at least 70% attendance of three practices a week, cover your monthly skater dues (approximately $50 per month), and purchase WFTDA insurance ($40 a year). Each skater must also participate in league activities such as fundraisers and league meetings, and must be an active member of a committee.

What percentage of girls trying out will make the league?

There is no percentage. We will take as many girls as we feel meet the requirements and have the right attitude to skate with Houston Roller Derby. Some of our current skaters have tried out multiple times before making it. If you don’t make the league your first time, don’t give up! Work on your skills and come back to show us your commitment to derby.

What will be tested at tryouts?

We assume that most new girls will not come in with perfected derby skills. We want girls who have solid skating ability and the potential to grow. To get an idea of the minimum skills that we are looking for, click this link:

Another important factor we will be looking for is attitude. We want to see skaters who have heart, commitment, and the ability to take instruction well.


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