Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Friends and Family: Fan Favorites and Fresh Faces

If Sunday night's Friends and Family Exhibition Bout was any indication of what to expect from HRD this season, it's going to be a wild ride with a lot of fresh faces.

The triple header featured skaters from the Bosses, Brawlers and Sirens scattered amongst newly-added rookies into Pink, Black and White teams. While the 300 fans who flocked to the Dairy Ashford Roller Rink may have missed retired skaters like Death by Chocolate, Savage Rose, Panty Raider, Starr Doom and Nawty Dread Knocks, last season's rookies really flexed their muscles. There were explosive jams from Brandaid, Babyface Assassin, Sweet Commotion, Bobituary, Candy Codeine and, of course, Rookie of the Year Speed-O. Seasoned vets like Mistilla the Killah, Miss Lead, Becky Booty, Jekyll and Heidi, Chainsaw Chick and Rebel Ann were assets not only in hard hits and point scoring, but in helping coach the newest rookies, who were added at the tail end of 2009. This bout also marked the return from retirement of loved vets The Prosecutor and Beverly Kills.

The Black Team took two hard losses in a row: first to the Pink Team and then to the White, despite strong skating from vets Miss Lead, Jekyll and Heidi, Beverly Kills, Tex Offender, Tammityville Horror, Brandaid, Tony Smasheries and Blindside. Black Team rookies like Sexy Sniper, Blitzkrieg Bopper, Marianne Morgue, and Grrl Friday got a lot of time on the floor, literally and figuratively. In the end, Pink beat out Black 60 to 31.

The second game against the White Team was much tighter, as Black found their footing. White Team veteran blockers like Becky Booty, Sick Nick, and Creeping Beauty dished out hard hits, setting the example for rookies Kym KarSmashUin, Mary Queen of Skates, Lady Gag-Ya and Dutch Destroyer. With strong jams from Speed-O, Candy Codeine, The Prosecutor, Babyface Assassin and rookie Nightmare on Em Street, the White Team narrowly beat out Black 54 to 51.

The final match-up between the Pink and White Teams came down to the final two jams. Pink Team veterans like Sinista Sista, Copperhead, Princess Prozac, Tempestua, and Chainsaw Chick did their best to stop the White Team jammers along with help from rookies Lipstick Assassin, Alex, Bethie Mayhem and Cinder-HellYeah. Sweet Commotion and Bobituary led the way as jammers with Mistilla and Rebel Ann pulling double duty blocking and jamming. Despite a close match-up between the two teams, final jams by The Prosecutor and Speed-O for the White Team cinched the victory for White, 44 to 39.

The 2009 season saw a historic bid to WFTDA nationals, and the building of our league. The 2010 season promises the same competitive skating with new faces joining the old to bring excitement and flat-track derby action to Houston. Don't miss our season opener on March 20 at Kicks Indoor!!

To see the Houston Press write-up of the Exhibition bout along with a slide show, click HERE.


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