Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Behind The Scenes With HRD


March 17 is only a few months away and we've been training hard for our season opener!
Check out some of this behind the scenes footage of our practices and what we've been up to.

Above: DBC and Speed O' return to the track
to help home team skaters, prepared to jam against
each other in a scrimmage.

Above: Meet two of our newly drafted skaters
and members of the Valkyries:
Sam I Slam (front) and Yawanna Belize (back).

Above: SyRenge (Sirens) and Grrrl Friday (Bosses)
line up on the jammer line

Above: The Prosecutor (Brawlers) works
her way past a wall of Valkyries.

Above: Beverly Kills (Houston All-Stars)
helps out the Valkyries (white) in their pack
against the Brawlers (blue).

Also, check out this great video of our training, featuring our newly drafted skaters! HRD's Season Training!

Our season opener is just around the corner! We hope you are as excited as we all are.


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