Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Houston Roller Derby 2012 Awards

Houston Roller Derby celebrated the 2012 season with an award ceremony January 19, 2013 at Nouveau Antique Art Bar.
Awards were given for the  2012 season's best blockers, jammers, MVPs and team mates on each team, along with fan favorite awards, all-around league awards, Machete Betties awards and volunteer awards.

Here are the results for the best of Houston Roller Derby's 2012 season:

HRD Rookie of the Year: Freight Train
HRD Official of the Year: Corbin Cojones
HRD Most Improved Skater of the Year: Hellicious
HRD Miss Congeniality 2012: Kiki Mojo
HRD Purple Heart Award 2012: Sick Nick
HRD Most Feared 2012: Freight Train
HRD Hardest Hitter of the Year: Freight Train

Valkyries Best Blocker: Goldie Bloxx
Valkyries Best Jammer: Taz Maim Ya
Valkyries MVP: Carmen Geddit
Valkyries Best Teammate: Yawanna Belize

Bayou City Bosses Best Blocker: Betty Watchett
Bayou City Bosses Best Jammer: Big Bad Voodoo Dollie
Bayou City Bosses MVP: Shawshank
Bayou City Bosses Best Teammate: Kiki Mojo

Brawlers Best Blocker: Freight Train
Brawlers Best Jammer: Flyon Maiden
Brawlers MVP: Freight Train
Brawlers Best Teammate: Flyon Maiden

Psych Ward Sirens Best Blocker: Jekyll & Heidi
Psych Ward Sirens Best Jammer: Brand-Aid
Psych Ward Sirens MVP: Brand-Aid
Psych Ward Sirens Best Teammate: Lisa Lava

Knock Outs (B-Team) Best Blocker: 2xForce
Knock Outs (B-Team) Best Jammer: Grrr Feisty
Knock Outs (B-Team) MVP: Grande Localicious
Knock Outs (B-Team) Best Teammate: Lisa Lava & Kiki Mojo

Houston All-Stars Best Blocker: Freight Train
Houston All-Stars Best Jammer: Beverly Kills
Houston All-Stars MVP: Death By Chocolate
Houston All-Stars Best Teammate: Betty Watchett

Machete Betties Best Attendance 2012: AlterKATEtion
Machete Betties Most Valuable Bettie 2012: AlterKATEtion

Fan Favorite Valkyries:
Favorite Blocker: Goldie BloXX
Favorite Jammer: Carmen Geddit
Favorite Skater: Goldie BloXX

Fan Favorite Bosses:
Favorite Blocker: Becky Booty
Favorite Jammer: VooDoo
Favorite Skater: Becky Booty 

Fan Favorite Brawlers:
Favorite Blocker: Freight Train
Favorite Jammer: Flyon Maiden
Favorite Skater: Freight Train

Fan Favorite Sirens:
Favorite Blocker: Syrenge, Singapore, Starr
Favorite Jammer: Mistilla
Favorite Skater: Mistilla & Syrenge 

Fan Favorite All Stars:
Favorite Blocker: Mistilla
Favorite Jammer: DBC
Favorite Skater: Kills & DBC

Fan Favorite Announcer: Scarlet O’Hurtya
Fan Favorite NSO: Mad Dog
Fan Favorite Ref: Ajax

Scarlett O'hurtya and Grrrl Friday presenting the first set of awards.

Freight Train thanking HRD after winning EIGHT awards including rookie of the year,  hardest hitter and most feared. Congratulations Freight Train!

The Psych Ward Sirens being recognized for their outstanding achievements of holding the Championship title for the fourth year in HRD history.


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