Saturday, February 23, 2013

Houston Roller Derby 3rd Annual Skate-A-Thon

Please help support Houston Roller Derby by pledging a donation per mile skated by your favorite skater at our 2013 Skate-A-Thon Saturday, March 9!

 Make a pledge for your favorite Houston Roller Derby skater. Any donation is greatly appreciated!

Since Houston Roller Derby is officially a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization, the donations will be 100% tax deductible because there is no value provided in exchange.

How to make a pledge: Contact your favorite skater and sign up on her pledge sheet. If you'd like to make pledges to multiple skaters, that's okay too! Donate any desired amount and that skater to pledge that you will pay that amount per every mile she skates.

Pledged: $1 / mile Miles skated on Saturday, March 2 = 15 miles You've donated $15 ($1 x 15 miles)

We will be starting at 9:00 am, Saturday morning at Christian's Tailgate Heights and will skate until we drop! 

Christian's Tailgate White Oak
2820 White Oak
Houston, TX 77007

We appreciate all of your love and support!
Help your Houston Roller Derby girls out and make a pledge/donation today!

Check out our website page HERE to make a pledge or if you're interested in making a flat donation instead!


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