Sunday, July 21, 2013

HRD July Bout One of The Best This Season!

THANK YOU to all of our AMAZING fans who came out to see us this past Saturday! We had one of our highest turn outs of the season and it was such a blast! Thank you to all of the 1600+ people who were able to come out!

Congratulations to The Valkyries and The Psych Ward Sirens for taking home their big wins! The Sirens beat the Bosses 173-110, and the Valkyries took home their second win of the season against the Brawlers with a score of 195-166!

Big thanks to everyone who made AMAZING SIGNS and to our charity this month! Come check us out on Saturday, August 17 for our last bout before our 2013 Championship game - the Psych Ward Sirens will be taking on The Valkyries before the Bayou City Bosses and the Brawlers go head to head. 

Don't miss it!


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