Friday, June 19, 2009

Playoff Structure

With the re-purposing of the Machete Betties (the Betties are now the Rec League, not a fourth league team), our bouts this year have looked a little different. They are still double-headers, but now two HRD teams play one another, and the third team plays an interleague team from another city. Tomorrow's bout (June 20) will be our playoffs, which means that we're having a triple-header: each HRD Team will play another in a series of three forty-minute games.

You will get to see your favorite teams fight it out for a spot in the championship. First up, the Bosses and the Brawlers, followed by the Bosses and the Sirens, and the Brawlers and the Sirens will finish out the night. As it stands, the Sirens are undefeated, the Bosses have one loss, and the Brawlers have two losses. Tomorrow night, anything could happen! Come wearing red, purple or black to root for your favorite team! Doors open at 6pm, bout starts at 7.


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