Sunday, June 21, 2009

Playoffs Get Called Off

It was quite a night! In case you missed it, HRD held its season playoffs last night where all three teams fought for a spot in the championship. The Bosse$ shut down the Brawlers in the first game, though the Brawlers did a fantastic job and made use of our newest rookies. The second match-up between the Sirens and the Bosse$ was an incredibly close game with both teams in top form. It was a nail-biter, one that you just knew was going to come down to the final jam.

And then it happened.

With no warning, an anouncement was made that the Houston Fire Marshall was shutting us down. Definitely a first in Houston Roller Derby history. Everyone was forced to evacuate the building, and the bout ended with nine minutes left on the clock and the Sirens/Brawlers game yet to be played. Talk about a disappointing end to a great night!

We sincerely apologize to all of our fans who came out to support us. If that was your first experience with us, we hope that doesn't turn you away--please come back! HRD is actively working with Kicks to resolve this, and we will have to figure out as a league what to do about our unfinished playoffs. Please keep your ticket stubs from last night and check back here, on the website, or our Yahoo fan board for updated information. We can't change the events of last night, but we hope to make it up to all of our loyal and loved fans! Thanks for sticking with us despite this unexpected bump in the road.


Joe LeDuc said...

on the (only) plus side, attendance has been phenomenal. if too many people in the building was the reason for the shutdown, it's kinda nice to be on such a roll that over-attendance is even an issue.
i do feel bad for all the awesome skaters and volunteers who prepare for these events: to have the proverbial floor pulled out from under them has got to hurt.
that said, it was a great night of derby - abbreviated as it was. the Sirens/Bosses bout was the best defensive game i've ever seen. and HUGE kudos to the Bosses: to play what i think has been THE defensive game of their career after already skating for 40 minutes was a-MAZ-ing. derby love to all!

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