Friday, April 15, 2011

2011 Team Profile: Bayou City Bosses

This team has weathered changes in leadership and scores of rookies each season, yet has walked away with three championships in a row.   That's right--your Bayou City Bosses.  Coming back last season from several early losses, the team pulled together to beat the Sirens by the championship game.  Here's a preview of what you might see this season from the team proving black is always in style.
Top row L to R: Bombadee, Lipstick Assasin, BatBrat Von Doom, Kiki Mojo,  Blindside,  Rachael Rayge, Shocker Zulu, Norma Leigh Sane, Bloody Hell, Rebel Ann
Middle row L to R: Cynder HellYeah, Little Hurtmaid, Grrrl Friday, Shawshank, Betty Watchett, Big Bad Voodoo Dolly
Front row L to R: Beverly Kills, Becky Booty, Mary Queen of Skates, Goldie Bloxx

Coming into the 2011 season, how are the Bosses training to take the championship again?
The Bosse$ are known for their defensive game, and that is not about to change. We also have some strong jammers and newer skaters with a lot of potential. We want to play a smart game, so are talking lots of strategy and how to use the rules.

What are your goals? What challenges are you working to overcome?
As always, our goal is to win the championship. But we don't just want to have a trophy; we want to win because we have a team that works together to be the best. The Bosses have a lot of rookies and newer skaters, and our captain Becky Booty is out due to an injury. Those challenges just make us work harder.

The Bosses came a long way from the start of last season to the end. What can we expect to see this season?
We are starting in much the same way as we have started a lot of seasons--with many new faces. Expect to see us grow leaps and bounds this season while keeping that same Boss-ome attitude.

What movie would be better if the whole cast were replaced by Bosses?
The Godfather.

If you could send a message to your fans, what would it be?
We're back in black, baby! We love our fans and want to thank you for all your love and support. come show your support this season for your favorite local mafia.


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