Friday, April 17, 2009

$3 Goes a Long Way

In today's economy, the three-dollar difference between pre-sale tickets and at-the-door tickets to HRD's bouts can really go a long way. I've done some research, and here are ways you might spend that three dollars if you buy your next ticket online or from a skater.

$3 Will Buy You:
-a beer at Kick's concession stand
-an HRD sticker for your favorite team (with a dollar to spare!)
-an HRD coozie in pink or black to keep your beverage chilled
-most of a tall Starbucks frappuccino
-three items from the dollar store
-a grilled chicken wrap, small fries, and Frosty from Wendy's value menu
-this T-shirt from Old Navy

I think I've proved my point. Think smart. Buy your bout tickets online (until 5pm the night before the bout) or from your favorite derby girl.
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