Sunday, April 19, 2009

Recap: Brawlers v. Bosses

How do I write a recap when the whole night was a blur of adrenaline and awesomeness? Let's see...

There was a little bit of this.
With a little bit of that.
And, of course, some of this.
Each team had several injured players from the get-go: Claudia Van Damage, Savage Rose, Major Mayhem and Scar Wars for the Brawlers and Goldie Bloxx, HellaBama and Holla-Pain-Yo for the Bosses. Private Been Jammin' went down in the first half with a shoulder injury, leaving the Brawlers hurting for jammers. Rookie Speed-O Racer did an amazing job racking up the points, pulling the Brawlers ahead. But by the end of the first half, the Bosses were back in the lead. Death by Chocolate and Miss Lead widened that gap in the second half with the help of rookie jammers like Tammityvillor Horror, who had a fifteen-point jam. The final score: Bosses 146 to Brawlers 67.

It was my first bout, so I'm probably not the best person to write a recap. From my perspective, it went by so fast! I loved every second of it, except when I was making stupid rookie mistakes. (Or just stupid mistakes.) Being on the winning team was great, but it sucked seeing the Brawlers skating short...and then shorter. Injuries, ugh!

Speaking of winning, did you see the Sirens whip the Hell Marys?? (Look for a recap shortly!) Next month with the Sirens and Bosses meeting up, I smell blood...

*Photos by Kerry McClain

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