Thursday, April 9, 2009

March recap

Wow, forgot to update after the last game... sorry!!

Just to recap-

March 21st bout
Our new venue, KICKS, was a little warm... I think they may have underestimated how hot roller derby really is! This was our first time running a full bout at our new venue, so there are some obvious kinks to be worked out, but we have taken note of the many suggestions and have a lot of improvements in the works. We're working on a trial-by-error basis here!

Kicks isn't as big and fancy (or expensive) as Verizon, but it really brought back that grassroots vibe we had during the first season at the Arabia Shrine. We had some great music from Beryl Grady, a funny corndog eating contest at halftime courtesy of Miramax's movie "Adventureland" and Moroch entertainment, and ESPN radio 97.5 "The Ticket" held a live broadcast from our after party, as they will for every game this season. All in all it was a good night.

Bayou City Bosses 269, Hurricane Alley (Corpus Christi TX) 8
  • The Bosses, defending HRD champions, took on a relatively inexperienced all-star team from Corpus Christi and well, it was rough. But everyone learned something from that game- on both ends! New Bosses had some great opportunities to show they can hang with the rookies and even veterans got the opportunity to play positions they normally wouldn't. No major injuries- that's the best of all!
Psych Ward Sirens 161, Burlesque Brawlers 126
  • The ladies in purple put up a hell of a fight, but the two-time HRD champion Sirens proved they want their title back. Unfortunately the only major injury of the game was sustained by Brawlers' captain Claudia Van Damage- who took a nasty spill, was carried off the floor and ended up with a minor concussion. She is recovering well and we can't wait to have her back on the track...
More to come, including photos, videos and other goodies from the first game... stay tuned!


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