Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Houston Takes Big Win At Clover Cup Tournament

Thank you for all of the support that went to our Houston All-Stars this weekend at the Clover Cup tournament in Dallas, TX!

Houston brought home a 1st place tournament victory this weekend after playing three games and staying undefeated. The All-Stars pulled out big wins, scoring over 100 points in each game over their weekend opponents.

Houston's first game was against the Oklahoma Victory Dolls Saturday afternoon. OKVD, who placed fourth overall in the tournament, scraped out 68 points to Houston's 213.
For recaps of this bout, check out the derby news network's write up of the game here: Clover Cup: Houston Slams OKVD, 213-68.

Houston advanced to play second seed, Green Country Saturday evening after winning the bout against OKVD. The Houston All-Stars relentlessly scored 309 points and held Green Country to 28 by the end of the game. To get this brutal bout's recap, check out the write up here:
Clover Cup Semifinal: Houston Tramples Green Country, 309-28.

After Houston's huge win over Green Country, the All-Stars advanced to the Championship bout against the Tampa Bay Tantrums to battle it out for first and second place. Houston managed to crank out another huge defeat, scoring 203 to Tampa's 84 points. For the write up on this amazing game, check out this recap: Clover Cup Final: Houston Takes Clover Cup Over Tampa, 203-84.

The Houston All-Stars will be preparing for their next few games in late April against Madison, the Chicago Outfit, and Windy City during their Chicago, IL tour.

Great work this weekend ladies! You made Houston proud!


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