Monday, June 25, 2012

Meet HRD Mondays!

It's Monday! That means it's the time of the week for YOU to meet the many faces of HRD and learn a little about the skaters you want to cheer for in 2012!

This Monday, check out Mad Milkshake and Blindside!

Name Mad Milkshake
Number Order# 49
Team Psych Ward Sirens
Position Any
Years Played Rookie - This is my first year actually playing derby on a team.
Height 5'4"
Occupation Bartender, Vet Tech
How did you get into derby? I started derby because my dad kept telling me there was this cool thing these girls were doing called roller derby. At the time I was just like ok whatever that sounds cool but I couldn't do that. Then I actually saw a bout and I really wanted to do that. I went to HRD'S website and tried out the bout camp and haven't stopped since.
How did you pick your derby name? I got my derby name from my nickname Milkshake. And I've been Milkshake since I was 12. Way before Kelis made the song!
Likes I love ice cream! Milkshakes! Animals. And roller skating of course.
Dislikes I do not like rude people. Or liver.
Favorite thing about derbyJamming, hitting, the sweat, the girls are amazing!
Fun Facts Drew Barrymore is my idol!

Name Blindside
Number 20/20
Team Bayou City Bosses (Co-Captain)
Position Blocker
Years Played 5
Height 5'7"
Occupation Orientation and mobility specialist for the blind.
How did you get into derby? I saw girls at a club handing out fliers and decided to check it out.
How did you pick your derby name? After my occupation.
Likes I like traveling, animals, smart ass people.
Dislikes I dislike gossip and drama.
Favorite thing about derby Being with my team.

Tune in next Monday to see our next set of featured skaters for the week!

Join us for our fifth bout, July 21!
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We hope to see you all soon!

Also, if YOU know that you were born to be a derby girl, come join our beginner boot camp this Tuesday, June 26 (tomorrow)! We'll teach you everything you need to know, including falls, stops, crossovers, and all of your derby and skating basics! Go sign up for our 6-week beginner session online now!
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