Monday, April 9, 2012

Meet HRD Mondays!

It's Monday! That means it's the time of the week for YOU to meet the many faces of HRD and learn a little about the skaters you want to cheer for in 2012!

This Monday, check out Sam I Slam and 2xForce!

Name Sam I Slam
Number T1-T2
Team The Valkyries
Position I'm a floater right now. Pivot, blocker, sometimes jammer. :)
Years Played This will be my first season. I just started skating for the first time ever February of 2011.
Height 5'8"
Occupation Former 3D Animator/ Illustrator working part time as a kennel technician.
How did you get into derby? A friend in my car club told me about rec league so I tried it and liked it.
How did you pick your derby name? I actually stumbled upon my name in a list on our red league bored and I just went with it. It was easy and I didn't have to hurt my brain thinking of a new one.
Likes I like, LOVE to cook and eat.
Dislikes lazy people and people that don't know how to drive safely.
Favorite thing about derby That there's always something to learn and ALWAYS someone there to help you out. The sister hood and strength of the women I skate with is awesome.
Fun Facts I'm from Detroit, Michigan. Went to college in Pittsburgh, then Miami. Now I live in Houston. I was a bit of a gypsy in my younger years. I'm also a kidney donor. In 2004 I donated my left kidney to one of my best friends. I LOVE Bollywood films.

Name 2xForce
Number 3 1/2
Team The Brawlers,
The Knockouts (Captain)
Position Blocker, Pivot
Years Played 2 years
Height 5'10"
Occupation Assistant Prop Master at the Alley Theatre
How did you get into derby?
I was a big fan before I tried out. I will never forget the first time I saw DBC on that track and I knew it was something I had to do!
Likes I like food, sleep and derby.
DislikesI dislike anything that gets in the way of those things.
Favorite thing about derby
Meeting all these fantastic ladies that I never would have met otherwise, training hard with them and then hitting each other!

Tune in next Monday to see our next set of featured skaters for the week!
Get ready for our next bout April 21 - it's only a week and a half away! Tickets are available at our website or from your favorite skater, so get them as soon as you can!
Get Your April 21 Bout Tickets Right Now at Our Website!
Come see the debut of our new home team, The Valkyries as they go up against the Brawlers after the Bayou City Bosses take on Alamo City Rollergirls from San Antonio, TX!

Also, if you're aching for more derby, our Knockouts will be taking on The Alamo City Rollergirls' B-team this Sunday in San Antonio and our Houston All-Stars will be heading off to Chicago, IL to go head to head with teams from Madison, the Chicago Outfit, and Windy City the weekend after our big game at Bayou Music Center!

Hope to see you all soon at our April 21 season date!

♥ Houston Roller Derby ♥


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