Wednesday, April 18, 2012

An Unofficial Officials Clinic - May 12

Houston RollerDerby is pleased to present an amazing opportunity to work with NAMES OF VISITINGREFS/NSOs Saturday, May 12 at Houston Indoor Sports!
HRD is offering two 2-hour clinics followed by two open scrimmages so Refs and NSOs can practice those skills!

Join us for lunch where we’ll have a combined Ref/NSO meet and greet and go over some issues both Refs and NSOs encounter during games and scrimmages.
From there, we’ll break out into two separate groups and you’ll get a two hour specific Ref or NSO clinic.
Afterwards, we’ll have two learning scrimmages set up so you can put that theory into action. Ref topics to be covered include Initiation, Impact, Etiquette, Safety Protocol and Pack Definition. NSO topics to be covered include Pyramid of Focus, being a Head NSO, and Certification Review.

Cost for 4 hours of instruction and officiating at one or both scrimmages is $40 for Refs and NSOs.

Come join us for our two open scrimmages as well!
Newer to the game, or interested in getting in some extra track time? Love mashing up and helping Refs and NSOs stay on top of their game? We’re looking for you! We’ll have two scrimmages open to the first 28 skaters who sign up. You may schedule yourself for one or both scrimmages - $10 for one scrimmage, $15 for both. If you do not have WFTDA insurance, there will be a $10 USARS fee for the one-day pass.

For all those who participate in the Ref/NSO clinic and scrimmage, we’re able to offer you discount tickets to the TXRG vs HRD All-Stars bout to be held the same evening! That’s right! Discount tickets are only available through the website, so be sure to include that purchase when you register – it promises to be an amazing bout that you won’t want to miss!

11AM-1PM Ref/NSO BYOLunch meeting
1PM-3PM Break out clinics
o Refs with X
o NSOs with Y
3PM-4PM Scrimmage 1
4PM-5PM Scrimmage 2
6PM – Texas Roller Girls vs Houston Roller Derby All-Stars!

Refs and NSOs (cap of 20 each) $40
Skaters $10 for one scrimmage, $15 for both. $10 USARS pass for non-WFTDA insured skaters *Discount tickets for the bout at 6PM for participants when those tickets are purchased during registration!

Go sign up now at our website:Refs/NSO Clinic May 12

♥ Houston Roller Derby ♥


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