Monday, April 30, 2012

Meet HRD Mondays!

It's Monday! That means it's the time of the week for YOU to meet the many faces of HRD and learn a little about the skaters you want to cheer for in 2012!

This Monday, check out BG Smack and Hot Rod Bettie!

Name BG Smack
Number 90
Team Bayou City Bosses
Position Blocker, but I'd happily do anything.
Years Played Almost two years with the rec league, but this is my first year with a home team.
Height 5'3"
Occupation Healthcare. Specifically what's called Infection Preventionist - yes I try to prevent infections from occurring.
How did you get into derby? I have tried lots of different sports from middle school thru college but nothing ever seemed to keep me interested. I had heard about HRD for over a year before deciding it was finally time to check them out, even if I only lasted one practice!
How did you pick your derby name? I originally wanted to be called Fleetwood Smack, but everyone always called me BG because I signed my email signatures with "BG" for my real life initials. In the video game Doom there is a big gun named BFG 9000 which I loved, but didn't think anyone would get the reference. So out went the Fleetwood and in came BG. And 90 is just simpler number than 9000.
Likes Food, my super comfy pillow and low humidity days.
Dislikes Fuss buckets, running out of milk, audible annoying habits from others and time changes.
Favorite thing about derby All the awesome workout buddies you get!
Fun Facts I've run 2 half-marathons and driven cross country in both directions. I have never been pulled over or received a ticket (unless you count that one in college for parking on the grass) and I like to teach my dogs funny tricks.

Name Hot Rod Bettie
Number 66
Team The Valkyries, The Knockouts
Position Blocker, pivot
Years Played 5 years
Height 5'4"
Occupation Teacher
How did you get into derby? One morning I heard a radio interview on 'The Buzz' on my drive into work. I was so excited I hurried into the office and Googled Houston Roller Derby and like they say.... the rest is history.
How did you pick your derby name? I like to drive fast and if I could be anything in the world I'd be a race car driver. I figured this would be the perfect time to put a Hot Rod on the track!
Likes I love a good hamburger, massages, going on vacation, Christmas and Tacos A Go-Go. OH and anything Pink..... and yes, that includes the singer.
Dislikes I dislike mean people, Houston traffic, bugs (especially spiders.... ewww), and questionnaires.
Favorite thing about derby Personally, I love our training. Our training has pushed me further and harder than I ever thought I could go. If it wasn't for derby I may not have met so many wonderful ladies!
Fun Facts I was born in Texas. I love all types of music, and I began playing piano at 9 and drums at 12. I played softball all the way through college and in 2004 I graduated from Sam Houston State. I've worked as a flight attendant and lived in New York City. Now, I am a teacher and work with students with learning differences.

Tune in next Monday to see our next set of featured skaters for the week!

Thanks to all of our fans who showed their support to our Houston All-Stars this weekend! Our All-Stars finished this weekend with a 2012 6-1 streak after defeating Madison 176-127 Friday, The Chicago Outfit 118-102 Saturday, and losing to the Windy City Rollers 232-93 Sunday morning. Way to go All-Stars!

Come out and see them play their next game Saturday, May 12 when they take on the Texecutioners from Austin, TX. This bout will be at Houston Indoor Sports and capacity will be limited - get your special $12 tickets while you can!
Our next home bout will be Saturday, May 19 at Bayou Music Center. Come see the Psych Ward Sirens take on the Dallas Derby Devils before watching the Brawlers and the Bosses face off!
Get Your Upcoming Bout Tickets Right Now at Our Website!

♥ Houston Roller Derby ♥


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