Monday, April 23, 2012

Meet HRD Mondays!

It's Monday! That means it's the time of the week for YOU to meet the many faces of HRD and learn a little about the skaters you want to cheer for in 2012!

This Monday, check out Bazinga and BlueJ!

Name Bazinga
Number 73
Team The Valkyries, The Knockouts
Position Pivot, Jammer
Years Played 2
Height 5'2"
Occupation Community Based Student Education Coordinator
How did you get into derby? Right before the release of Whip It, a league was doing a promo at the mall I worked at. I've been hooked since my first boot camp.
How did you pick your derby name?I picked my name wandering around the vendors hall of Dragon*Con, trying to settle on a name that I liked and I could register. Saw a patch for the Flash, thought about the Big Bang Theory - and I was sold. "You can try, but you'll never catch me. Bazinga!" is how the audience is introduced to the word - and it closely matches how I hope to jam one day!
Likes I like reading (fantasy is my genre of choice) and my smartphone (I'm a busy gal with a terrible memory, I'd be lost without it!)
Dislikes I'm not the biggest fan of horror films (I tend to flinch at even the cheesiest scenes) and I don' t like spicy foods!
Favorite thing about derby The ability to constantly push myself out of my comfort zone. The ability to travel and have an instant connection with other derby girls is also pretty awesome.
Fun Facts I like to help run conventions in my "spare time" and like crafty stuff (sewing, crochet, etc).

Name BlueJ
Number 23
Team The Brawlers, The Houston All-Stars
Position Jammer
Years Played 1 1/2 years
Height 5'4"
Occupation Junior Art Director
How did you get into derby? I was job searching advertising agencies in the city of Houston. One agency in particular had Houston Roller Derby as a client. I went to the HRD website and saw that they were having their first day of tryouts that day and I spontaneously decided to try out.
How did you pick your derby name? My favorite color is blue, my friends and family call me 'J,' and Bluejay's are very aggressive birds. I thought it fit my personality.
Likes My black lab, designing, strawberry flavored starbursts, lightning, poisonous dart frogs, indie music, romantic comedies, rowing, skiing, shooting guns, Johnny Depp, my birthday, the spring and summer seasons, pinatas, list can go on forever.
Dislikes Houston drivers, traffic, construction, dark chocolate, flying, heights, slow walkers, slow drivers, Valentine's day, again list can go on forever.
Favorite thing about derby The competition.
Fun Facts I feed off of intimidation.

Tune in next Monday to see our next set of featured skaters for the week!

Thanks to all of our fans who were able to come out to our bout this past Saturday and make it another huge success! Tickets to our next two bouts are available at our website or from your favorite skater, so get them as soon as you can!

We have a special All-Star bout coming up on Saturday, May 12 featuring HRD All-Stars vs. the Texecutioners from Austin, TX. This bout will be at Houston Indoor Sports and capacity will be limited - get your special $12 tickets while you can!
Our next home bout will be Saturday, May 19 at Bayou Music Center. Come see the Psych Ward Sirens take on the Dallas Derby Devils before watching the Brawlers and the Bosses face off!
Get Your Upcoming Bout Tickets Right Now at Our Website!

Also, if you're already aching for more derby, our Houston All-Stars will be heading off to Chicago, IL this weekend to go head to head with teams from Madison, the Chicago Outfit, and Windy City.
Wish them luck!

♥ Houston Roller Derby ♥


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